Everlast Welding PowerUltra™ TIG / Stick / Plasma Welder

2018 Upgrade Plus Awards

As a part of the Multi-Process TIG/Stick/Plasma line IGBT inverter welders from Everlast, the PowerUltra™ is ultra useful around home shops and small garages as an all around welder and plasma cutter combination.  The welder component features DC output in TIG and Stick modes and is useful for welding all types of metals except aluminum and magnesium.  In TIG mode, the unit features a simple 2 position pulse with a .5 and 25 hertz fixed setting.  The plasma cutter can handle all types of metal and can regularly cut plate metal up to 1/2" thick with a clean cut capacity of up to 3/4".  If you are looking for a simple solution to your steel and stainless welding and cutting needs, this welder offers a compact alternative to purchasing separate units.