Dosatron® In-Furrow Direct Injection System


Dosatron® In-Furrow Direct Injection System

The Dosatron is made to work with fungicides and insecticides.

About the Dosatron®

Apply fungicide and insecticide in-furrow along with starter without premixing in a single tank.

The Dosatron® direct injection kit is designed to be a simple cost effective way to apply fungicide and insecticide in-furrow with the seed.

Benefit's of the Dosatron®

The Dosatron pump operates off the volume flow of your starter fertilizer and requires no electricity or agitation during application

Can go from 0-36 ounces per minute with the turn of a knob

Can be easily mounted onto your planter or with our pumps

Includes a 10-gallon tank

Optional Xanthion™ agitation kits available