CitySampler Getaway, 3 Nights, 4 Star Hotel

2020 upgrade AWARDS

Get ready for a 4-Star getaway!

This award entitles you to three nights accommodations for 2 adults and 2 children in your choice of 400+ of America's most popular cities. Choose from Nashville, New York, Las Vegas, Boston, Washington, DC, Denver, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Chicago, St. Louis, San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Charleston, Savannah, and many more.

  • Guaranteed 4 - star accommodations.
  • Limited black-out dates. (only New Years Eve, Dec. 31, 2020)
  • Valid for travel until December 28th, 2021.
  • Book your trip as little as 3 days in advance.
  • Choose multiple awards and book them back-to-back for longer stays.
  • Includes room and lodging taxes (may be fees for parking, etc.).
  • Search real-time availability and book online at
  • Transfer your award to a friend or relative anytime.
  • Chose the award now, book the trip later.
  • Toll-free Customer Service and Concierge to help plan your trip.

Whether you're looking for a getaway or just want to explore the sights, sounds and taste sensations of America's greatest cities, this award is for you. Use the award to visit friends and family, take in a ball game, or just get away from the every day. You'll have a quality hotel experience right in the heart of your destination, close to all the action. The CitySampler award is a great way to experience the culture, shopping, dining, nightlife and excitement in the city of your choice.

NOTE: This program includes 400+ city options.  Some of the smaller cities will have a limited selection of 4-star hotels on your preferred travel dates. We'll book you the very best hotel of your choice available on the dates you want to travel.

Remember... You don't have to choose your dates and destination at the time you choose your CitySampler award. You can choose your destination, but need to travel, anytime before the award expires on December 28th, 2021.